How do I change between Flag Mode and Scan Mode?

Your new Breaking 80 Rangefinder has two (2) buttons: POWER and MODE. Pressing the MODE Button will toggle the selection between Flag Mode and Scan Mode. When you’re in Flag Mode you’ll see a small Flag Icon in the bottom left of the Rangefinder display.

How do I change between Yards and Meters?

To toggle your measurement unit, Press and Hold the MODE button for 2 Seconds. The display will show a “Yd” for yards and “m” for Meters.

What type of battery do I need?

Your Breaking 80 Rangefinder requires 1 CR2 3V Battery. We’ve included one with your purchase to get you started. You can find replacements online and in stores.

How should I store my Breaking 80 Rangefinder.

We recommend that you store your new rangefinder in a dry area at room temperature. The Rangefinder is water / weather resistant for use during your round, but extreme temperature/humidity for extended periods is not recommend for a precision electronic unit as it could have adverse effects.

My measurements are consistently off. What might be causing this?

You could be in the wrong measurement mode. Make sure you’re in Yards or Meters as appropriate.

I can’t seem to get a clear reading on the flag. My numbers keep jumping around. What can I do to help this.

First, make sure you’re in Flag Mode. There will be a small flag icon in the left corner of the display. Once you’re in Flag Mode, follow these instructions to get the most consistent readings.

  1. Target the Trees or some other large object behind the green. PRESS and HOLD Power Button for a base number.
  2. While continuing to HOLD the Power Button sweep the target over the flag.
  3. Once you’ve locked in on the Flag, the PinSensor Technology will update the display number to the new target number — The distance to the Flag!
What should I do if my Rangefinder isn’t working properly?

Well, there’s a bit of a checklist you can run through, and that might get you up and running:

  • Make sure your target is more than 10 yards away and within the maximum measuring distance.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking either of the Rangefinder Lenses
  • Check your battery to ensure the polarity (+/-) is correct and that it has power
  • You can try doing a software reset on the device as follows:
    1. Take out your battery
    2. Press and Hold the POWER button for 15 Seconds
    3. While continuing to hold the POWER Button, reinsert your battery

    This will sometimes fix an LCD or other error.

If none of this works and you’re within the 1 year Warranty window, simply contact us and we’ll set you up with a return/replacement.

If you’re outside of the 1 year window, we still have an option for you! Breaking 80 Golf offers the ONLY Lifetime Replacement Policy in the industry. Simply let us know that your unit has stopped working, and we’ll replace it for $99. For Life. As many times as you want, regardless of the reason. Taxes, Shipping and Restrictions (some models cost more) apply.

Can you give me a little more detail on the Warranty?

All of our Breaking 80 Rangefinders come with an industry leading One Year Warranty Policy. If your unit is damaged for ANY reason in the first year, we’ll replace it. No Questions Asked. That’s not true, we’ll ask questions, but only because we want to learn how to make our products better for real-world usage.

After the One Year Warranty period is over, we continue to provide support for our products. We know they won’t last forever, but once you’re a customer, we’ll provide you with replacement units for $99 (400 Base Model, other models are slightly more) for the life of the company! We want you to be a customer for life and we are the ONLY company offering such a steep lifetime discount to our customers.


Breaking 80 Golf was founded on the principle that Great Products and Excellent Customer Service shouldn’t equal high prices. If you need product support, have a question about sales or any other inquiry, please contact us with the email below or use the Contact Form below.


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